Cuarta Comunicación de Biodiversidad

This project has been designed to help countries assess and report on progress towards the realization of the 2010 biodiversity targets and to achieve a significant reduction of the current rate of biodiversity loss at the global, regional and national level by the year 2010. The project will provide funding (up to $20,000 per country) and technical support to a maximum of 88 interested countries so that a national participatory assessment process, engaging a broad group of stakeholders and using the CBD COP framework as well as the guidelines for the Fourth National Report of the CBD, could be used to assess progress towards the goals and targets based on analyses of status and trends, threats to biodiversity, implementation of national biodiversity strategies and action plans, mainstreaming biodiversity into productive sectors and landscapes, and other themes.
The project will also help countries meet the March 2009 deadline for submission of their fourth national report to the CBD. This deadline is crucial for the production of the CBD publication Third Global Biodiversity Outlook and the preparation of reviews and assessments of progress for consideration by the COP in its 10th meeting in 2010 (The International Year for Biological Diversity).



Producir el documento de la IV Comunicación de Biodiversidad Nacional para ser presentado ante el Convenio Mundial sobre la Diversidad Biológica.

IV National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan produced and submitted to the CBD.

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